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Auskart Racing Inc. - Auskart Racing Inc.

Auskart Racing Inc.

Welcome to Auskart Racing Inc.

Truly affordable Grass roots racing.

2 Different Championships to compete in for fun.

Fast and Maintenance friendly 4 Stroke Engines.

Auskart Racing Inc. is a family friendly Karting club made up of like minded go kart enthusiasts that gather on a regular basis to compete in fast, fun and family orientated Race Championships. The only Karting club operating on the north side of Brisbane City, with our home track being the Iconic Lakeside Raceway.

2020 Lakeside Championship Round 2

09 August 2020 - Lakeside Road
Kurwongba, Qld 4503 Australia

Club culture @ Auskart Racing Inc.

Karting is competitive, but it is also fun and family orientated, with involvement in the sport both on and off the track giving it a strong feeling of community.

The main aim is to provide a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere for people of all ages and from all walks of life to engage their passion for Motorsport at an affordable, achievable level.

People of all ages can enjoy the sport with children as young as six competing behind the wheel.

Many people associate Karting with young drivers or being a stepping stone in any serious racer’s career, but many adults are also very active in karting. Some, along side their kids.

Karting can prepare the driver for high-speed wheel-to-wheel racing by developing quick reflexes, precision, car control, set-up, mechanical and decision-making skills.

Upcoming Club Events

Spectators are more than welcome to attend.

The Club has a long history and looks forward to an even better future.

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