Getting Started

We love the chance to welcome new members and offer the information below to help you get fully informed, geared up and get started in the great sport of Karting.

We are action packed, family friendly 4 stroke go-karting club, where you get to experience the world of racing in a competitive but safe environment. We love it when interested parties ask us questions about 4 Stroke karting in the safe environment of Auskart Racing. Questions asked are never menial or silly and all questions are important when starting a new sport.

We are keen to answer your questions and have have taken the time to compile this summary to help you out a little. If at any time you would like some more information please feel free to contact one of our friendly Committee Members.

Licenses and Club Membership

To get started and be part of an Auskart Racing event you will be required to hold an AASA license as we race at Queensland Raceway and this is a requirement. The AASA license costs $65.00 per year from date of issue. This license is available online at or through Auskart Racing on the day of registration. The cost of both Junior and Senior is the same.

Auskart Racing membership runs from January to December of the same year and costs are as follows:

Adult $80
Junior $60

Once you have all your licenses in place and have joined Auskart Racing the next item to be considered is the race day fees and these are on a per person bases.

Per Driver $60

To ensure everyone has fun and your times are recorded accurately, you will be required to obtain a transponder for each kart. Transponders can be purchased directly from Queensland Raceway at a cost of $159. Please bear in mind you cannot race without a Transponder.

Race Classes

At Auskart Racing we have designed the race classes in such a way that everybody has a fun, fair but competitive day every time:

  1. Bambino (6-8 yrs, any weight) – any unmodified up to 100cc 4 stroke engine
  2. Cadet (7-11 yrs, any weight) – Subaru EX21
  3. Junior Light (11-16 yrs, min. combined weight of 110kgs) – Subaru Kx21
  4. Junior Class A (11-16 yrs, min. combined weight of 130kgs) – Subaru KX21
  5. Junior Class B (11-16 yrs, min. combined weight of 130kgs) – Torini Clubmaxx 210
  6. Senior Light Class A (16yrs+, min. combined weight of 155kgs) – Subaru KX21
  7. Senior Light Class B (16yrs+, min. combined weight of 155kgs) – Briggs & Stratton World Formula
  8. Senior Light Class C (16yrs+, min. combined weight of 155kgs) – Torini Clubmaxx 210
  9. Senior Class A (16 yrs+, min. combined weight of 175kgs) – Subaru KX21
  10. Senior Class B (16 yrs+, min. combined weight of 175kgs) – Briggs & Stratton World Formula
  11. Open Performance (16 yrs+, min. combined weight of 170kgs*) – Championship engine modified to 250cc
  12. Open Twin Engine (turning 16 yrs+, min. combined weight of 185kgs*) – Torini or Honda Gx 200
  13. Ladies (16 yrs+, any weight) – Subaru KX21, World Formula, or Torini Clubmaxx 210

*Subject to assessment by Track Committee, Juniors must have completed 12 months in Junior class or equivalent racing experience and deemed suitable by the Race Committee. No twin Subaru or modified twins for Juniors.

Please refer to the rules of Auskart Racing for further information regarding class requirements.

Safety Gear

Like all types of motorsport, dangers are apparent and as such the correct safety gear must be utilised. Auskart Racing will scrutinize all karts before they are allowed onto the track to ensure karts have the additional safety features like side pods and rear bumpers to limit the worse type of accidents. Please note Auskart Racing takes no responsibility for kart failure and will not be held responsible for any accident or injury. Marshalls are on the track with safety flags and fire extinguishers for added safety and medical assistance is available at the track at all times.

In addition, drivers must wear the following safety gear to drive on the track:

• Full face helmet (That meets Australian Standards)
• Lace up shoes that cover your ankles
• Race suit that covers all limbs
• Racing gloves
• Juniors are required to wear a neck brace (recommended for all)
• A rib protector is recommended
Long hair needs to be tied back and secured inside clothing

Where and When does Auskart Racing Race

The majority of track days are at Lakeside Park complex, enter the grounds and turn right and follow the road behind the main track and you will see the karting track on your right.
Auskart Racing does organise days out to other public tracks, examples of which are Cooloola, Nanango and Warwick Kart tracks.

Lakeside Park Complex, Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah QLD 4503

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started

We get this question all the time, and there isn’t a simple answer. It depends on so many variables that it is just not accurate to say how much it will cost to get started.

Motor sport generally is not cheap, and karting is often referred to as the cheapest form of motorsport, this actually isn’t quite true as some classes in karting can cost more than sedan car racing! That said at Auskart Racing we have been mindful to keep operating costs as low as possible and therefore Auskart Racing has one of the lowest start up and operating costs of any form of motorsport.

A new kart can cost as little as $4200 ready to race, where as a secondhand kart could cost as little as $1500 but may require some form of reconditioning. It is highly recommended to do your research before you buy and ensure the kart fits your requirements and circumstances.  You can view karts currently for sale at the Facebook group we have set up for this purpose.

Try Before you Buy

We invite you to try karting before buying and where we can we will accommodate you on a test kart. It must be remembered however that all karts are privately owned and so are subject to availability. Cost is $20 for the day license and $30 club fees. You may then have up to 2 trial sessions on the same day. If you would like to have a trial you should contact us before attending or come along to one of our Come n’ Try Days shown on our Event Calendar 2019.

Please feel free to email any of our helpful committee members listed at our Contact Us page.

Come prepared if you intend to try a kart:-
• If you have a helmet please bring it.
• Wear at the very least long legged jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and thick type jacket,
• Lace up joggers.
• Long hair tied up and secured inside clothing to prevent accidents.

Other Helpful Links

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So What’s the Next Step to Get Started?

Well that’s simple, complete the membership paperwork, come on down and if you would like to try before you buy or if you want to just get started come to a track day and talk to one of our committee members or anybody in the pits, you will find they are always happy to help.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!