Below are some documents you will need to download and utilise.

Please print any document you require and bring it along to the track already filled in to save on administration time.

To Get You Started:

2019 Auskart Information Pack V6
2019 Auskart Membership Form V6
QR Licence Application

For Race Days:

QR Indemnity Form (Lakeside Rounds)
Auskart Self Scrutineering Form
Racers – Day License Application (Away Rounds)

Rules & Regulations:

The Rules and Regulations of Auskart Racing are set out in the following documents. They should be read and understood and must be adhered to . If you have any questions in relation to the interpretation of these rules, please direct your enquiry to one of Auskart’s Committee Members.

Auskart Racing Code of Conduct Version 1.3
Auskart Racing Competiton and Technical Regulations Version 1.6
Auskart Racing Operational Manual Version 1.3
Auskart Racing Policies and Procedures Version 1.4

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Auskart Racing Management Committee