Race Results

Results from each round will be posted here so please come back and check it out after the round. We will also post progressive championship points for each class. Championship Points are awarded for racing only as per the table below.

1 bonus point is awarded for qualifying fastest in your class.

Did Not Finish (DNF) or Did Not Start (DNS) attract no points.

Penalties for infringement or breaches of rule, regulations and driver conduct may result in the loss of some or all points according to the situation as determined by Race Control. This may include but is not limited to driving infringements, under weight, incorrect clutch/tyres or unauthorised engine modifications etc.

Finishing Place Points Awarded
1 40
2 33
3 28
4 24
5 20
6 17
7 14
8 12
9 10
10 8
11 7
12 6
13 5
14 4
15 3
16 2
17 1
17+ 1

The Championship consists of 8 Rounds, 1 of which is an Endurance Round which will form part of the Championship. All competitors must nominate 1 round each Championship season to drop from their points total (either a round that they did not attend or their lowest scoring round if they competed in all rounds).

There are also 4 away rounds that will be scored separate to the Championship Rounds and will have standalone awards.

All races will carry equal points allocation.