Race Class Review for 2019

Race Class Review for 2019

Hi Auskarters,

The Auskart Committee have reviewed the current Race Classes and are pleased to announce the changes outlined in the linked document.

The main changes are highlighted in yellow and we have put the classes into groups as we see them racing with a maximum of 7 race groups which we can handle at the moment.

We have simplified the engine options by removing the older Torini engines (single engine classes) that have been superseded by the new Torini Clubmax engine option.

You will notice that we have dropped the term Junior Provisional in favour of Junior Light but still have them running SL1 tyres. This is to slow them down as they have so little weight we still need still need to limit their speed and retain the challenge provided by lower cornering grip level.

We have also dropped the weights across the board as we have drivers adding lead weights to their karts to make the “Light Class” and then very few running in the Medium and Heavy classes so hopefully this will spread the fields more.

Your Committee

Race Class Review for 2019