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26 Jul 2020Lakeside Park DTCRound 1 of the 2020 Auskart Racing Inc. Lakeside Championship Series. This Championship Series is a Club Level Sprint Event for Go Karts. It is held at the iconic Lakeside Raceway Driver Training Centre (DTC) and is run exclusively by Auskart Racing inc.Our Club is all about grass roots 4-Stroke Go Kart racing. We keep it safe, affordable and fun for the whole Family. Entry Requirements:This event is open to Auskart Racing Inc. members only, if you haven’t organised membership please refer to the club’s website for details before registering. All Drivers must hold a current RACERS Clubman licence. That can either be a day Clubman Licence for $20 dated for the event or a $75 annual Clubman licence. For details please visit the Supplementary Regulations before registering, in particular the following: Ensure both Driver & Kart meet the class rules you intend to race in –…

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