Scrutineering Form

Please complete, sign & submit as per the Supplementary Regulations.
Bambinos/Cadets/Juniors must have parent/guardian sign this form below.

It is the Kart owner(s) or the owners’ parent(s)/guardian(s) responsibility to ensure the kart complies with the General Competition Regulations. Spot checks will be made throughout the day and penalties may be imposed for karts that do not meet the requirements.

All numbered check boxes correlate to the General Competition Regulations available at

For assistance please contact a Scruitneer at “Club Contacts” or the scrutineer on Race day between 7:45am – 8:15am if required.


Please only fill out the Endurance Scrutineering Form in the following link:

Scrutineering Form –  Endurance Only



4.2 Technical (Vehicle safety) Rules:

5.2 Technical (Apparel) Rules:

Declaration I have checked, all items and found them to be in compliance with the current Auskart Racing Inc. General Competition Regulations.